Actor Keanu Reeves’ movies suddenly vanish in China after he attended pro-Tibet event

Hollywood star actor Keanu Reeves just experienced a fresh round of being canceled, but this time, it didn’t happen within the borders of the United States.

According to Breitbart, communist China was apparently outraged after the actor appeared at a virtual concert event hosted by Tibet House U.S., a nonprofit group “funded by the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama.”

Reeves, who happens to be hugely popular in China, has all but vanished, as the Chinese government has taken down movies and shows featuring the actor from virtually all available streaming services. The communists also removed his name from China’s social media platforms.

In other words, within China, Reeves no longer exists.

Reeves can’t be found

Reuters originally discovered the extreme censorship move, noting that most of Reeves’ popular movies, such as The Matrix and Speed, among many others, had been removed from some of the top streaming services within China.

WeChat, the top social media platform in communist China, also returned zero search results for the actor’s name when searched.

“The L.A. Times discovered on Monday that almost all movies featuring Reeves have quietly vanished from the streaming libraries at Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, Migu Video, Bilbili, and Xigua Video,” Breitbart added.

Showing just how petty the commies that run the Chinese government truly are, the country didn’t delete Toy Story 4, in which Reeves voices one of the characters, but they actually took the time to erase the credits for the American voice actors, which included Reeves.

Companies remain silent

When pressed by reporters on why they removed Reeves from their respective platforms, none of the streaming services had any comment, presumably because they were threatened by the Chinese government.

“Why all of a sudden did they decide to take this measure at this exact moment? It’s a question we as outsiders might never be able to answer. The system is so opaque that it’s pretty much impossible to pinpoint which agency or person is responsible,” said U.S.-based researcher Alex Yu of China Digital Times.

Notably, Breitbart added that of all Hollywood actors, Reeves has gone out of his way on more than one occasion to ensure he didn’t upset the Chinese government, cutting sensitive scenes from a number of his blockbuster movies so that they could be shown in China.