JUST IN: ACLU Hatches Plot to STEAL 2020 Election From Trump. This is Evil.

President Trump has been making great effort into decreasing and eliminating voter fraud across the country, even to the point of creating the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity specifically for the purpose of investigating alleged voter fraud cases.

Despite more and more evidence of voter fraud, the ACLU is not happy with the president’s focus on voter fraud and has filed a lawsuit to stop the commission from moving forward. The result could lead to serious voter fraud in future elections as it would become illegal to investigate claims voter fraud and to pass measures to prevent it. (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

The American Civil Liberties Union has been very critical of Trump’s efforts to stamp out illegal immigration and more recently enraged by the election integrity committee Trump created in May.

The election integrity committee was created after President Trump claimed that millions of illegal immigrants had voted illegally in the 2016 election, which he believed resulted in his loss of the popular vote. The commission was created to investigate and has requested that states provide details on their registered voters as a way of weeding out anyone who should not be voting for various reasons.

The ACLU claims the request for detailed information on voters violates the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which regulates the creation and operations of committees by the executive branch. They also claim that the committee should be filled with “fair and balanced” members, and that Trump has instead established a biased group to head the investigation.

Regarding their lawsuit, the ACLU issued this statement: “… the Commission was established for the purpose of providing a veneer of legitimacy to President Trump’s false claim that he won the popular vote in the 2016 election – once millions of supposedly illegal votes are subtracted from the count. That purpose is evident in the composition of the Commission, which is stacked with individuals who have endorsed the President’s false statements about the popular vote, and the fact that no provisions whatsoever have been made to insulate the Commission’s advice and recommendations from inappropriate influence by the person who appointed the Commission’s members – i.e., President Trump himself.” (via the ACLU)

The purpose of the lawsuit is to dissolve the election integrity committee and shut down their investigations into voter fraud.

The lawsuit comes at a time when Just Facts, a think tank focused on researching public policy issues, released a study suggesting that as many as 5.7 million cases of non-citizen votes have occurred in previous elections. They also suggested that a similar number of non-citizen voters cast their ballots the 2016 election.

Despite the evidence of voter fraud, particularly non-citizen voter fraud, liberals are adamant it doesn’t exist. They claim these efforts to investigate and combat voter fraud is merely a way for Republicans to suppress voters, denying the ability to vote to those who would vote for their opponents.

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The problem is that many liberals see illegal immigrants as citizens, citizens who should have access to welfare and the right to vote. Under this belief it’s understandable, though deeply flawed, that they see restrictions on illegal immigrants’ ability to vote as voter suppression. It’s also entirely likely that Democrats have been enjoying the votes obtained from illegal voters, who benefit under a liberal agenda.

If the lawsuit is successful, it would severely hinder conservatives’ attempts to eliminate illegal voting. Future conservative presidential candidates would have little hope of winning in the face of millions of illegitimate votes, and a second term for Trump would be very unlikely.