79-Year-Old Biden Confused, Didn't Immediately Recognize Bunny at Easter Event

The viral video footage speaks for itself.

The camera captures the moment when the supposed leader of the free world became shocked and lost at the sight of a costumed aide, before awkwardly shuffling off.

There’s been much discussion of how much handling Joe Biden needs in his presidential appearances, and the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House was another one of those occasions. But this time, there was a camera close to the man’s face, which recorded as Biden was visibly stunned by the intervention of a large rabbit.

The look of evident horror in Biden’s eyes at that moment is mirrored in the eyes of the American people every day, as we are forced to watch this pantomime of a presidency play out.

It turns out the wascally wabbit was a White House communications staffer, probably Director of Message Planning Meghan Hayes. No doubt it is very challenging to plan any message with Biden around. Hayes has her work cut out for her.

Try to imagine the serious, high-level planning and coordination that must have gone in to setting this event up.

Try to imagine how desperate the situation must be, if that was the best plan formulated: Hayes will don a bunny suit and get into the scrum to make sure Biden didn’t wander too far.

Hayes needed to keep Biden out of trouble. The administration does not want another senior moment that almost causes World War III, or any inappropriate enthusiasm interacting with kids.

Was the bunny costume an attempt to remain discrete, and blend in? If so, it worked as well as all of Biden’s other policies. It was an embarrassing catastrophe.

Especially when the rabbit had to throw herself, arms waving, between Biden and the reporters he was starting to speak to. Hayes sent Biden scurrying off, looking upset.


The really horrifying moment here is understanding how surprised Biden seemed at seeing the Easter Bunny at an Easter event. It suggests poor situational awareness.

Biden’s gaffes are not funny; they are tragic, for him and for us. When Biden is garbling his sentences, being weirdly racist, or inflaming world tensions, it is clear he is in no condition to lead. It’s a form of elder abuse to use him as such an incompetent puppet.

Speaking of poor situational awareness, a rabbit turned up at a Monday White House news briefing, too. (Presumably also a member of the communications team, though clearly different from the one that herded Biden earlier.)


The White House staff decided to double down on failure, the usual Biden strategy.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.