WATCH: Texan Asked What He’s Doing With His Boat. His Next 7 Words Define “Texan”

Texans are known for being tough, hardy, and willing to do what is right when it’s necessary. One Texan proved his Texas bona fides during Hurricane Harvey.

With news cameras rolling, one Texas City resident told a local television reporter, “I’m gonna try to save some lives,” after the reporter noticed the man moving his boat into the flood water.

Despite both the federal government and the state government of Texas warning people to flee the flood zone, this brave man decided to ignore that mandate in order to help out his fellow Texans.

This man is not an official first responder, just simply a regular citizen willing to do his part.

Hurricane Harvey has so far proven itself to be one of the worst natural disasters to strike Texas in over a century. After the category 4 storm made landfall over the weekend, massive flooding, tornadoes, and widespread power outages followed in its wake.

The State of Texas almost immediately declared a state of emergency, thus getting FEMA involved in security and clean-up measures.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), has publicly thanked President Donald Trump for his rapid response to the disaster, saying: “He called and said, ‘Governor, whatever you need, you’ve got.'”

President Trump will travel to Texas on Tuesday in order to see for himself the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Marcus Luttrell, the former US Navy SEAL who was the “lone survivor” of Operation Red Wings in 2005, wrote a message of encouragement on his Facebook page that read: “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE IN HIGH WATER, call your local authorities, they are out to help. If you are safe and dry, STAY SAFE AND DRY.”

The Houston native signed off by saying “God Bless Texas.”

This sentiment has been shared by millions of Americans who have sent their well wishes and prayers to the “Lone Star State” over the past few days. Many others have shared an inspiring meme showing a dog carrying supplies.

Hurricane Harvey is the worst natural disaster to hit coastal Texas since a category 4 hurricane hit Galveston in 1900. So far, Hurricane Harvey has claimed six lives and continues to flood Houston and surrounding cities due to days and nights of heavy rain.

As bad as this flooding is, it pales in comparison to what the unprepared city of Galveston experienced one hundred and seventeen years ago. That disaster claimed between 6,000 and 8,000 victims in a city that then only had a population of 38,000.

Texans have always displayed a pride in their state, stemming back to the days of their fight for independence. In the face of disaster, are Texans picking up where the government has failed them?

Hurricane Harvey also must do a lot more damage in order to match the havoc wreaked by the Miami hurricane of 1926. That disaster cost an estimated $165 billion dollars in damage.

Like the man from Texas City, the people of Texas will survive this disaster and come back even stronger. This is the state that literally fought for its independence from Mexico, and that streak of independence remains deeply embedded in the Texan bloodstream. God bless Texas, and God bless the man who decided that it was a good day to save lives.