63K Hybrid Jeeps Face Recall and Stop-Sale Due to Major Failure Problem

A plug-in hybrid model of the Jeep Wrangler is being recalled due to a software glitch that could down the engine.

Dealers are being ordered not to sell any more of the models until the repairs are made, according to Fox Business.

A notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says every one of the 62,909 vehicles covered by the recall notice has the defect.

The notice said that the problem is limited to 2021 and 2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe vehicles that have a 2.0L Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle engine.

“The suspect period began on September 2, 2020, when the 2021 MY production began, and ended on August 17, 2022, when the 2023 MY production began with updated vehicle control software,” the notice said.

The notice said similar Jeeps that do not have the engine that is the cause for concern or that were built later than the period covered by the recall would not be covered by the notice.

The notice said the Jeeps targeted “may experience an engine shut down condition caused by diagnostic reactions to faults caused by loss of communication.”

To fix the problem, Jeep technicians will update calibration software for the Transmission Control Module, Hybrid Control Processor, and Auxiliary Hybrid Control Processor, the NHTSA said.

The notice said that Chrysler, the parent company of Jeep, began investigating reports about the problem in September 2021.

Between September 2021 and October 2022, the company “conducted an analysis of stall reports and vehicle history and determined that the affected vehicles reported multiple cause and correction details with varied commonality,” the notice said.

As of Nov. 3, the company found there had been “112 customer assistance records, 196 warranty claims, and 65 field reports potentially related to this issue for all markets with dates of receipt ranging from December 17, 2020, to October 26, 2022,” the report said.

Two accidents and one injury are potentially linked to the issue, the NHTSA document said.

Owners will be getting official recall notices beginning Jan. 12.

The Drive noted that three other recall notices impact various models of the Wrangler for issues related to safety concerns with the side marker lights, fuel pump, and a fuse inside the high-voltage battery.

Anyone who wants to know if their vehicle is impacted by any recalls can check online at the NHTSA recalls website by entering the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number

Fox Business said the four-door model of model in question has a starting price of $56,530.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.