BREAKING: 6 Police Officers Shot – Media Eerily Silent

The mainstream media has once again shown its bias clearly this past weekend. As police officers were shot all across the East Coast, the media has been downright mum on the subject.

Six police officers were shot in Florida and Pennsylvania. Two died as a result of their injuries. So far, only President Donald Trump has acknowledged these victims and their suffering families.

Each one of these cases should be taken individually.

The first one occurred on Friday in the central Florida city of Kissimmee. Two Kissimmee Police law enforcement officers, Sergeant Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter, were apparently ambushed by a Marine Corps veteran named Everett Glenn Miller. After shooting both officers, Miller absconded to a local bar where Sheriff’s deputies tackled him before he could reach for the gun concealed in his waistband.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, neither officer had the chance to return fire against Miller.

Miller, who has been charged with first-degree murder, is apparently a black supremacist whose social media accounts are full of anti-white vitriol and violent threats towards law enforcement officers. Both slain Kissimmee officers were African American.

To the north of Kissimmee, in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, two other police officers were also shot on Friday.

The incident occurred at the 5100 block of Seaboard Avenue. The responding officers, who were with the Duval County Sheriff’s Department, apparently responded to a call about a suicidal person and found three or more individuals inside of the house. There, 25-year-old Derrick Rashard Brabham used a shotgun to shoot at Officers Kevin Jarrell and Mike Fox. The officers managed to fire back and fatally wounded Brabham.

Thankfully, both officers are now in stable condition. The offender appears to have similar political leanings as the gunman Miller. Brabham’s social media accounts show a young man who hated white people, hated police, and hated President Trump. Just days before the shooting, Brabham threatened to engage in violence with the KKK.

Finally, on Friday night, two Pennsylvania State Troopers were shot by felon Clarence A. Belsar III, a man wanted in a string of robberies in the towns of Waynesburg and Uniontown.

According to investigators, the two unnamed troopers faced off against Belsar after posing as parties interested in buying a PlayStation console at a Shop ‘n Save in Fairchance, a small town near the West Virginia border. When he realized that he had fallen into a trap, Belsar pulled out a .38-caliber handgun and fired at both officers.

One officer was struck in the hand, while another received a shot to the abdomen. Belsar died after being hit by multiple shots.

Fortunately, after being airlifted to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, the critically injured officer was rushed to surgery and is now expected to make a full recovery.

None of these shootings appear to have any connection. However, the heated anti-cop atmosphere that has been supported by Black Lives Matter and their allies in the mainstream media have helped such deadly incidents to increase in frequency.

In 2017 alone, 82 officers have died in the line of duty. Among those, 30 were fatally shot, thus making it the most common form of fatality.