BREAKING: 6 Officers Shot, 2 Dead As Violence Erupts – Please Pray

There are reports of mass violence taking place against police officers all throughout the country. In just two hours, tragically, six cops were shot in three separate incidents spanning from Florida to Pennsylvania.

According to Heavy, one police officer was killed, and the other five were injured, and are still in the hospital. The violence toward the police has been on the rise of late, ever the Charlottesville attack last Saturday reinvigorated the left, who believe the police participate in systemic racism. Racism is horrible — but that is no reason to target police officers. 

The first series of attacks occurred in Kissimmee, Florida.  Two police officers, Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard, were caught in what many are calling an “ambush” during their response to a call.

Baxter, sadly, passed away. He was a father of three, and spent three years in the police force before being gunned down in this act of senseless violence. Howard is still in the hospital, and is in very grave condition. The first reports stemming from the incidents stated that both police officers died, but that was thankfully not the case.

Jeff O’Dell, Kissimmee Police Chief, stated during a conference, “These are beloved fathers and husbands and sons. So we are doing everything we can to support the families.”

Two other officers were also shot in Jacksonville, Florida. The two men were responding to an attempted suicide call where three other people were also on the scene. Those people gathered in the back of the home and called the police.

Once the officers arrived, they set up a team to apprehend the suspect. Before the police made it in the door, the suspect shot through the door, striking one officer in both hands, and the other officer in the stomach.

One of the officers shot was listed as being in critical condition, while the other is stable. The suspect was killed during the incident. The other three people in the home were not harmed.

Finally, two police were shot in Fairchance, Pennsylvania, according to CBS Local. Uniontown police stated that a situation took place at Shop ‘n Save, where an officer attempted to serve a warrant. One officer was shot in the stomach, and the other was shot in the hand. The shooting here, and the one in Florida, are eerily similar in that the injuries the police officers sustained were to the hands and stomach.

In Pennsylvania, the suspect was also killed. According to reports, both police are now alert and stable — despite the nightmare they’ve lived through.

It has been quite an evening for police officers around the country. Everyone is on edge due to the mounting tensions surrounding Charlottesville. The notion of racism playing a pivotal role in these incident is troubling, though unlikely. These officers were simply responding to calls.

Violence is never an excusable solution to the problems we face in society today. We need to stand together against violence, and work towards a brighter, safer future — for both the average American, as well as law enforcement. Tonight, when you pray, please make sure you say a prayer or two for the police officers who were shot Friday evening.