4th Grade Teacher Forces Sick New “Declaration of Independence” On Her Students

Some people on the left are not content to express their political views to other adults — they feel the need to try to influence our children as well.

At Salk Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona, a teacher decided to have her students recite a “gender-neutral” version of the Declaration of Independence. According to The Daily Mail, the teacher’s version of the document reads “all humans are created equal” rather than “all men are created equal.”

For some reason, this teacher felt that one of the most important issues of the day is sexism in one of our founding documents. Go figure.

Unfortunately for the teacher in question, parents did not take kindly to her revision of the Declaration of Independence. Elizabeth Vaillancourt — whose son was a student in the teacher’s class — announced her displeasure on Facebook. She wrote, “Zev’s teacher has this hanging in the classroom can anyone guess what’s wrong with this picture?”

Vaillancourt’s post was accompanied by a picture of the revised document hanging on the teacher’s wall. In the document, the teacher had crossed out each mention of “men,” and replaced it with “humans.”

Many other parents were outraged by the teacher’s attempt to apply political correctness to a document that was written over two hundred years ago. Here are some of the comments:

“I’m soooooo p***ed about this whole situation!!! She needs her teacher cert revoked!!!”

“How are these idiots teaching children today. Fire the teacher.”

“I think that is so wrong , I would write a letter to the president of the United States and ask him how he feels about it.”

According to Vaillancourt, this is not the first time the teacher has pushed her political beliefs on her students. She claims that the teacher also discussed an anti-Trump protest that she attended with the class.

When she went to the school to discuss her concerns, Vaillancourt said that the school was not very receptive. She said, “The school seemed much more upset about my Facebook posts, meant to inform the public than what is happening in the class.”

The school has released a statement addressing the teacher’s gender-neutral revision of the document. “It should be recited as written, and not modified in any way,” they wrote. “The school administration, when learning of the alteration to the text, provided feedback and guidance to the teacher to restore the document to its original format.”

The school also stated that they do not have a specific policy that deals with the “discussion of political beliefs by a teacher in a classroom.” They also said, “In practice, the district does not allow teachers to share their political views with students.”

We already know that the left is attempting to indoctrinate college students. The professors and staff in many of our higher learning institutions are promoting leftist ideas while silencing conservative views. They have routinely discriminated against professors with conservative leanings.

Now, it appears that some on the left are taking upon themselves to foist their left-wing ideology on our young children. This should be disturbing to Americans on the left and the right. Our schools are supposed to teach our children the skills they need to succeed when they reach adulthood — not shape their political beliefs.

When it comes to our nation’s history, we cannot allow teachers to alter it in a way that conforms to the left’s worldview. If parents see that teachers are using their platform to promote political beliefs — whether conservative or liberal — we should follow Vaillancourt’s example. If we are not willing to resist these efforts immediately, we run the risk of allowing teachers to usurp the parents’ role of teaching our children the beliefs and values we feel they should have.