WATCH: 3,500 People Just Came Together In Vegas And Did Something Amazing

The murder of 59 innocent men and women and wounding of over 500 outside Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is one of the most heartbreaking events to happen in this country. In response to this cowardly expression of the darkest side of humanity, thousands are showing that there’s still good in mankind.

In a video that’s going viral, more than 3,500 people gathered at Canyon Ridge Christian Church of Las Vegas to pay respectful honor to the victims and provide healing to the city. Thousands joined together for a touching rendition of “Amazing Grace” in the glow of candlelight.

In addition, Canyon Ridge Christian Church was mindful of the First Responders who have heroically been tending to the shocked people of Las Vegas. Volunteers from the Church set up buffet tents for the officers of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), who have been working for three days straight.

These moving gestures prove that, even in dark times, God touches men’s hearts to illuminate our lives. While politicians and media figures have used this crisis to provoke further division, Christians at Canyon Ridge helped guide the afflicted to the source of true healing.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this tragedy is how it challenges so many of our assumptions about humanity. The killer, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was a man who seemed to have everything going for him. There was nothing in his life a psychologist could point to and say “that’s what made him do it.”

Paddock was wealthy. He had no history of mental illness. No crime affiliations. He wasn’t even a political man. Paddock’s was a crime seemingly without motive; without provocation. Because we can’t understand it, it makes us uncomfortable.

It disturbs us because there’s only one explanation for why somebody in Paddock’s shoes would fire down on a crowd of innocent people he’d never met–in a mass murder he had deliberately, methodically planned out long in advance.

Only one thing could move a man to do what he did of his own free choice: evil; pure, unadulterated evil. The Las Vegas shooting forces us to accept that no matter how good someone’s social environment, how much wealth and opportunity he has, or how good his health is, there will always be the voice of evil whispering in his ear.

Everyone has the choice to give heed to that voice or not. He who does may find himself on the same path of destruction Paddock followed. Furthermore, the Las Vegas massacre has made us realize that there are some tragedies in life that can’t be avoided. If Paddock, a millionaire, had not been able to legally purchase bump fire stock to make his semiautomatic rifle imitate automatic burst fire, he could have used his vast financial resources to buy one illegally. Or simply purchase a fully automatic weapon on the black market.

Or he could have foregone firearms altogether and used a bomb. Explosives and the bomb-making chemical ammonium nitrate were found to be in his possession. Paddock could even have driven a plane into a large crowd of people–he held a pilot’s license. When a man puts it into his heart to do anything–including evil–he finds a way to overcome any obstacle.

But if Paddock’s incomprehensible killing spree is proof of true evil, it’s also proof of true good, for one cannot exist without the other. We, therefore, find ourselves obliged to acknowledge the source of all goodness–God himself.

Liberals will be outraged at the public show of faith by Canyon Ridge Christian Church. Already there are left-wing celebrities mocking the prayers on behalf of the dead. But a nation turning to God is what America needs most.

While the world struggles to explain the LV shooter, believers know that he was evil. Do you believe there is evil in this world?

Let’s not limit our reliance on the Lord to times of crisis. We should look to Him at all times–especially during hours of peace.

Semiautomatic and automatic weapons–both legal and illegal–have been within the reach of criminals for decades. Yet mass public shootings have only become an issue within the last few decades. What’s changed? America has turned its back on God.

The sooner we turn to Him, the sooner we can reclaim our country from the madness that has consumed us for too long. And the sooner true healing can begin.