Since We’re Tearing Down ‘Offensive’ Statues, Here Are 3 Communist Statues in America

One of the recent trends that Democrats and Progressives have taken part in is the destroying of historical statues. In many cases, they say these statues are “offensive” because they are “racist,” “bigoted,” etc.

The Independent Journal Review reports that a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, was taken down by a group of left-wing protesters. Their claim was that the statue had “violent symbolism” and was “racist.” If offensive statues are being targeted, then look at three truly offensive statues of Vladimir Lenin in New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles. 

First, in New York City there is a statue of Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was responsible for the slaughter of millions of the people he was supposed to protect.

He would place them in concentration camps (gulags) and then kill them. He didn’t care who the people were, and those executed included political opponents. If one stood in his way, they could be imprisoned without trial–or worse, face a firing squad. It is troubling that this man is memorialized in statue form here in the United States.

Lenin also is responsible for developing the one-party Communist state in Russia. He brought Communism to Russia, which is tantamount to a death sentence for most of the people considered the lower-class.

This statue, according to Bowery Boogie, was found trashed in a backyard outside of Moscow. It was commissioned by the USSR, but after the country dissolved in 1989, the statue disappeared and was later recovered, only to end up in New York City.

Aside from this offensive statue in New York City, look to Seattle, Washington. There lies an eight-ton bronze statue of Lenin. The Seattle Times reports that this statue was purchased by Lewis Carpenter of Issaquah.

When he passed away in 1994, his family did not move the statue, instead, listing it for sale. It can be purchased for $250,000. Why doesn’t the violent Left tear down this statue–the statue of a heartless murderer?

The Seattle Times stated, “Lenin was responsible for untold deaths, and many equate him with Hitler and Stalin.” They noted that there was a Facebook page started to encourage the removal of the statue, but no movement has occurred from Antifa or anyone on the Left to advocate the statue’s removal.

Finally, there is the Progressive Mecca of Los Angeles. If there were ever a place to call for the removal of a statue commemorating one who murdered millions of people, it would be Los Angeles, right?

This final statue is found on La Brea Avenue. The statue is a bust of Lenin beside a smaller version of “Miss Mao,” according to LAist. It was originally created by the Gao Brothers and has been displayed outside of the Ace Gallery since 2011.

All of this talk of erasing history, and not one call for removing a celebratory monument to someone who can actually be compared to Hitler. Maybe the Left should brush up on their history and uncover who the real horrors are, and what they have done.