BREAKING: 2020 Challenger Emerges…

Donald Trump shocked the nation at the end of the 2016 election when he became President-elect. Less than a year into his presidency and a challenger for the 2020 election is already emerging.

After the election victories in Virginia and New Jersey this week, Democrats now think they are ready for the 2020 presidential race. Former Vice President Joe Biden privately told people close to him that he would make a run for president in 2020 if no significant challenger emerges, according to The Washington Examiner.

News of Biden’s potential run emerged when a donor told Politico what the former Vice President is considering. This claim has put some of the fire back in the troubled Democrat Party.

“If someone emerges that the former VP believes can beat [Trump], I think he is at peace with that,” the Biden donor stated. “On the other hand, if that person doesn’t exist or doesn’t run, you can expect Joe Biden to take a very serious look.”

This will be the sixth time that Biden has considered or launched a presidential campaign. There are many concerns that the Democrats should keep in mind.

Shortly after the 2020 election, Biden will be 78 years old. Biden has more experience than any of the younger Democrats, but it is arguable that he can run a campaign with the appeal and vitality of a more youthful candidate.

Biden is preparing to embark on a book tour for Promise Me, Dad, a memoir written in honor of his late son. He claimed that losing his son in 2015 is what initially kept him from running in the 2016 election.

According to The Hill, Biden said that he sees himself as being able to mend the divisive situation in the United States. Many Democrats should be wondering if he is capable of fixing the divisiveness, then why did he allow the US to become so divided under President Obama?

A source close to Biden said that he will focus on the book tour for now. After the dust has settled in 2018, he will decide if running for president is a worthwhile venture.

“Right now, he’s pretty laser-focused on the book tour. Get through that and go see what we can do in ‘18, and see where things are then,” the source said.

If Joe Biden becomes the Democrat Party nominee in the 2020 presidential election, could he defeat President Trump?

However, a clip from Biden’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, which airs Sunday, told a different story. “I have a regret that I am not president, because I think there is so much opportunity,” Biden said. This quote is telling of Biden’s motives. While he may not be actively making a push for the 2020 election yet, there is a good chance that the American people could see Biden on the 2020 ticket.

Democrats do not seem to have much of a plan for the next election; their main focus is on demonizing President Trump. Considering the recent controversy with the DNC, the party will have to work harder if they stand a chance at winning the next election. The fervor for President Trump doesn’t seem to be subsiding.