2 Maps Will Destroy The Liberal Myth About America’s ‘Gun Problem’

Following the Las Vegas shooting, liberals swiftly called for gun control, spouting various “gun problem” myths.

Breitbart reported on two maps released by the UN clearly showing that not only does America not have a “gun problem,” but, in fact, the opposite is true. The maps show that those countries with more gun ownership have fewer homicides.

The first map shows the number of guns per 100 individuals, denoted by different colors. On the map, the US is a deep red showing high gun ownership across the country. The second map shows homicides per 100,000 people and the US is a bright green, signifying very little homicides compared to other countries.

What’s interesting about the map is that it is part of growing evidence that proves–even with mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas–the liberal narrative of America’s “gun problem” simply doesn’t exist; it’s a completely false narrative.

The media has been spotlighting contrived statistics and labored facts almost every day since the shooting. These misleading studies somehow show that states with more guns have more gun deaths, an over-abundance of deaths by guns, and the claim that gun control makes people safer.

Yet these maps and statistics using UN and federal data shut down these liberal myths and points out the glaring inconsistencies and often misleading information that fuel gun control advocates.

The majority of shootings take place within large urban areas, the majority of which are inhabited and politically controlled by those on the Left. These are not gun enthusiasts killing people in mass shootings, but citizens of major cities falling victim to crime, many of which support strong gun control.

An obvious example would be Chicago, which saw a rise in gun violence after it implemented a handgun ban, as reported by Chicago Tribune. Instead of decreasing the level of gun violence, preventing citizens from owning handguns for self-defense led to a rise in crime as criminals took advantage of the citizenry’s vulnerability and inability to fight back. Despite strict gun control measures, Chicago has been a victim of rampant gun violence that has been plaguing the city for decades.

The Daily Wire also raises the point that the majority of gun-related deaths are the result of handguns. Yet liberals often follow up mass shootings with a cry for banning assault rifles, accessories, and seemingly everything except the main cause of the majority of gun deaths.

This alone proves the Left is not afraid to exploit people’s emotions following mass shootings for political goals. A true call for gun control would focus on the primary weapon used in gun violence, not the outliers.

Another issue is that the correlation between gun murders and gun ownership doesn’t ever match up; more guns per capita don’t result in more gun deaths, and fewer guns don’t result in fewer deaths. The number of guns has no effect on how many people die by gun violence.

The maps on Breitbart show that more guns lead to fewer homicides of every kind, meaning high gun ownership is safer, not more dangerous as liberals claim.

The media has an affinity for making false declarations about the large number of gun-related deaths in America, citing acts of murder or mass shootings as the cause. The Left would have you believe this. Instead, many are a result of suicide by gun. Gun control in this instance would not result in fewer deaths in the US, as many of these individuals would simply resort to other means for taking their own lives. Yet this doesn’t stop liberals and the media from jumping on this huge number to inflate the “gun problem.”

The final glaring issue with many of the media and Left’s claims relate to how they frame the crimes. A mass shooter is often portrayed as someone who is “mentally unstable” and his access to guns is more the issue.

Countries with more gun ownership have fewer homicides. Would you feel safer owning a handgun?

While anyone who would commit murder obviously has some form of mental issue, it’s inappropriate to blame society for the killing and not the individual. Las Vegas and its citizens were not responsible for the shooting — the shooter was, regardless of his mental state or access to weapons.

The sad fact remains that people will find a way to take life however they can. Removing guns won’t prevent suicide, it won’t stop madmen from committing mass murder, and it certainly won’t stop criminals from committing crimes.

This false narrative of America’s “gun problem” is misleading at best and a downright lie in many cases. When the facts are interpreted correctly, without political aims, the result is clear: countries with high gun ownership, like the US, have fewer homicides.