WATCH: Video From 1994 Completely Humiliates The Clintons – This Is Shocking

The Democrats are attempting to bury their past — but the internet never forgets.

Liberals angered over President Trump’s “fire and fury” comments are quick to forget that the policies of Democrat hero Bill Clinton were ultimately responsible for enabling North Korea to develop nuclear weapons in the first place. Luckily, a 1994 video is circulating online to help the Democrats jog their memories.

In the speech, former President Bill Clinton described the $4 billion energy aid commitment to North Korea as a “good deal for the United States,” promising that “North Korea will freeze and then dismantle it’s nuclear program.”  Both of these statements have been proven categorically false.

The New York Times praised the deal in 1994, writing that it was the “biggest turning point” in the effort to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. Now, The New York Times is reporting that North Korea is capable of reaching the continental United States with nuclear weapons.

Bill Clinton negotiated a deal with North Korea, Japan, South Korea, and European nations whereby North Korea would be granted $4 billion in energy aid if the communist country agrees to shut down their largest nuclear plant and halt production of two additional plants.

Under the agreement, North Korea was required to allow international inspectors to monitor their nuclear facilities as they transition away from technology capable of producing weapons. However, North Korea was allowed to retain all of their existing fuel rods which would be capable of supplying energy for decades worth of nuclear weapons.

The terrible nuclear deal was negotiated in the lead up to the 1994 midterm elections, and the president was hoping to quell concerns of a violent North Korea. However, in the haste of negotiations it appears that the Clinton administration waved the concerns of nuclear experts.

In 1994, experts from the atomic energy agency warned that the deal “means that we are living with a country that flouted the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and will remain in noncompliance for years. We wanted to get that fuel out of the country, and out of the country fast.”

President Trump inherited a nuclear North Korea when he took office. Do you agree that the problem existed decades ago and prior leaders failed to deal with it?

The atomic counsel was especially concerned because of North Korea’s history of blocking international inspections. North Korea pulled out of the Nonproliferation Treaty in 1992 after blocking access to inspectors. Experts warned that even after the treaty, North Korea could block inspectors for up to five years. “It is not a good precedent to set,” said the official, “if we have to demand a special inspection in Iran or Iraq or someplace else in the world.”

All of the concerns of experts were realized in the 23 years since the deal was struck. North Korea was never accepted into the international community and continued to develop nuclear weapons despite promising not to.

Unfortunately, former President Obama ignored the lessons of history and the warnings of countless experts about setting a precedent, and made a similar nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015. Appeasing communist and Islamic dictators may be politically expedient, but is ultimately an act of evil in itself. Now, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will go down in history alongside Neville Chamberlain as the weak men who allowed evil to flourish.