BLOODBATH: 11 Shot Dead At “Family-Friendly” Beach, Please Take Heed

Mexico’s Palmilla Beach was once considered a “family-friendly” beach and vacation spot. Not so long ago people could go there on family vacations to relax without a care in the world; now everything has changed.

Gunmen stormed the beach over the weekend, according to Breitbart. Mexican drug cartels fighting a bloody dispute over distribution territory were responsible for this violence. Every American should heed the warning surrounding these disturbing acts of violence, and realize that if these cartel gunmen are not stopped in their tracks, the violence could shift towards the United States. 

There are multiple video recordings of the shootings taken by people who were at the beach during the time of the attacks. It started when cartel members targeted three men who were sitting under a palm tree.

The shooters opened fire and shot the three men under the tree, as well as a man and woman who were nearby. El Universal reports that the man and woman were hit by stray bullets.

Not long after that shooting, multiple other calls of “shots fired” came in to law enforcement authorities and were investigated. By the time it was all said and done, a total of 11 murders occurred during one weekend.

According to a previous report by Breitbart, altercations due to drug distribution are consuming the beach and the town surrounding it. Police had to respond to a call a couple of years back in the nearby town.

Two hundred bullet rounds were unloaded into a home in a poor residential area that had street level drugs being distributed from inside. During that particular summer, there were 48 deaths reported in the area.

Reporters from the area are being targeted for publicizing the violence that the cartel is unleashing on the small community. One reporter, Julio Mar Gomez, reportedly has had multiple attempts on his life for covering the cartel violence and public corruption in the town. In the latest attempt, cartel gunmen fired on Gomez as he left his home.

As the distribution wars go on, the violence is devastating these drug-laden sections of Mexico. There is concern that if it is not stopped, the violence could seep slowly into the southern parts of the United States until occurrences like those previously mentioned are commonplace.

Drug-related violence in Mexico is accelerating.  Are you concerned about the violence creeping into the US?

Luckily, President Trump is trying to do everything in his power to secure our borders to make sure that people who work with the drug cartels cannot legally enter this country. We are a powerful nation based on the rule of law and Christian values. The kind of behavior these cartels are inflicting on innocent people is uncalled for.

Hopefully, as time goes on, the truth behind these violent members of the Mexican drug cartels will be exposed. The more these cartel members get taken off the streets, the safer communities in Mexico will be, and that will also reduce any “spill over” of violence into the United States.

According to Judicial Watch, President Trump is enforcing a policy that allows border patrol to use non-invasive methods to check every truck that crosses the border. The purpose is to stop the drug flow and to keep the violence associated with the Mexican cartels out of the United States.