BREAKING: $1.3 Billion Welfare Scandal Exposed, Money Gone Forever

One of the most common arguments made by pro-immigration advocates is that immigrants are a great source of wealth for the country. New information from Los Angeles County shows just the opposite.

The Department of Social Services has reported that between 2015 and 2016, Los Angeles County, California paid illegal immigrant families $1.3 billion in welfare. According to Fox News, that’s almost one-quarter of all the public money spent in the county.

Los Angeles is not only a “sanctuary city,” but Los Angeles County contains the highest concentration of illegal immigrants in the country.

The conservative Heritage Foundation discovered that every illegal immigrant family receives approximately $24,000 per year in government money. That means they get $3 for every $1 they spend.

In other words, illegal immigration represents a net drain on the American economy, with illegal immigrants receiving more money in welfare than they pay in the form of taxes (which most illegal immigrants do not pay).

Many scholars have been saying this for years, but until Donald Trump took office, they were either not taken seriously, or cast aside as “racist” and “xenophobes.” Peter Brimelow’s 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, which relied on census data to show that illegal immigration and the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act caused incredible damage to the American economy, but also have dramatically changed the ethnic and religious makeup of the country, was savaged by mainstream critics.

It turns out that Mr. Brimelow, who currently runs the VDare journal and website, was right. Thanks to the illegal and legal importation of millions of low-skilled immigrants, American workers who lack college diplomas have seen their opportunities dwindle, and their wages drop, or remain stagnant. This, of course, has led to the type of income inequality that became the rallying cry of Bernie Sanders and his supporters in 2016.

On the welfare front, post-1965 immigrants have been some of the biggest participants in American largess. More than half of all of America’s immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are on some form of welfare.

73-percent of all Hispanic immigrant households in America are on welfare, while 48-percent of African immigrants and 32-percent of East Asian households are also on the dole. Overall, 40-percent of immigrant households use food stamps (compared to 22-percent of native-born households), 42-percent of immigrant households use Medicaid (compared to 23-percent of native-born households), and 12-percent of immigrant households use federal cash programs (compared to ten-percent of native-born households).

Barring the moral question of allowing immigrants to come into this country and immediately receive public benefits, this rampant welfare usage is further balkanizing America’s frayed racial climate. While legal and illegal immigrants hurt the native-born black community by driving down wages and taking away jobs, white Americans are increasingly noting that their hard-earned money is going to both immigrants and the native-born black community.

According to some, the average American will pay thousands in welfare handouts. Over the course of a lifetime, rich and wealthy Americans may actually pay over a million in what amounts to, essentially, handouts.

Los Angeles County and the American government should be widely shamed for rewarding criminals with the money earned by American citizens. This is outright theft.